Goodrich_091711_11Welcome to my blog.  I created this site to collect and document the things I enjoy, my dreams and pursuits.  Currently my posts are about Fly Fishing, Brewing Beer and life transforming events since around 2007 or so.  I am a succesful entrepeneur and have owned my own business since 1992.  2013 begins my 22’nd year in business and I have survived many ups and downs of this psychotic world.  I aspire to break away from the trappings of owning a business and move towards a career more integral with my personal goals.  Blending a life of fishing, brewing beer and maybe saving some rivers sounds good.  I have been drawn to the mountains since a child and  fallen in love with the Lake Almanor area in Northern California.  Making a life there is a dream come true and likely involves little money.  This seems to be a lot easier said than done but regardless I will try.  If I can pull it off then to me this is success.

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