Four Ace’s Ale

Craft Brewer Whitelaw Reid pays tribute to important people in the world. Grandfather William J. Hazlewood of Buffalo New York lived a great life and left a legacy for many. A 33rd Degree Mason he was known for his white suit, white 1930’s era Packard convertible and white bulldog Bruno. He enjoyed playing cards and betting the ponies albeit never gray ones. Photo is WJH circa 1921 with his banjo and of course four aces in the neck. Named after my grandfather I was known as Willy and will never forget the sense of humor and the smile.  I aspire to carry on a great sense of humor, enjoy life and someday fit into a white suit and look good.  The later will be my biggest challenge in life.

I recently cracked open my second brew and this time dry hopped with Simcoe hops.  It was a good call.  This one will take on a tiny bit more maltier taste without leaving the hops behind.  I think it will make the cut.

ABV 7 IBU 70ish

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