Freight Train Amber Ale

A tribute beer aptly named Freight Train for its hoppy strength yet stays on the tracks through the finish. Inspired by Meyer J. Sigall, my Father-In-Law, one of our few last American Heroes whom rode the Freight Trains back and forth across the country during the depression in order to send money back home to his family in New Haven Connecticut. A mans man bucking rivets during the bridge building days he spent most of his years working at Kaiser Permanente Aluminum Foil Plant in Cupertino , CA and visited Paul and Eddies tavern down the hill from the plant every day for fifty years where his plaque remains. As our world evolves into a more complex society it’s becoming more and more important to visit the simpler times, to remember our roots, and to understand that the really important things in life NEVER change.


Brewers Notes and Details

I have brewed this beer three times in hopes of refining the recipe for official inclusion in my craft beer offerings. This Amber beer takes on some unique characteristics and ingredients. In short my goal evolved into and “English Ale meets the West Coast. I have included a spice not typically used in beer. Sasparilla offers a spice character by adding both into the mash and the boil along with the hop additions.

Recipe Snapshot

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