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Whitelaw ReidToday marks the first day of my personal blog.  I have decided to journal what I call the next chapter of my life as I respond to a pull to make changes in my life.  These days the world seems to by in upheaval in so many ways.  The severe decline of our economy, which has adversely affected my seventeen year old successful business, has awakened me.  In my reading and studying I have learned to accept WHAT IS and strangely enough am at peace with what is happening.  I am sensing an opportunity to make a change, a dramatic change to my life style.  I have worked hard over the past 25+ years by building a business and supporting my family.  We have three great kids with the youngest starting his second year of college in the fall of ’09.  I know that if the will is there I can transform my life into something fantastic that helps the world.  I have to say, Eckhart Tolle’s books, especially A New Earth have helped me tremendously in dealing with this stage of life.  This leads me to study other spiritual materials and I am currently studying Zen Buddhism.  I have been able to clear much from my mind.  I will continue to study on my own with no real structured goal.  It’s refreshing.  The outdoors has been calling me all my life and I think this sort of awakening and mind clearing experience has allowed me to see, once again, where I need to go.  This time not just a weekend trip or extended week trip but to make a life helping the world.  Now could not be a better time to begin the transformation and that is what this blog is about, the process I will go about to accomplish what many dream about but don’t do anything about.

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