Inspiring reading – Eco Barons

Eco Barons is a story that needed to be told in the way the Hume has. The book can be very inspiring to those contemplating changes in their lives and feel drawn to helping the causes. It also poses the question how, can a regular guy or gal make a difference. The information out there is paralyzing. Can a person with an unrelated career, experience or education join the force. Can those not necessarily in the position to donate money but may want to, better yet, donate themselves. Does actual work need to be done or is it primarily lobbying, legal, and financial. There are smart people out here at all stages of their lives, that if asked to join a force in which they can have a pleasant lifestyle, would consider making a change. There must be a way to build in the economic elements so that ultimately people will come. “Build it and they will come” This is the next step in pulling together the power of the people.